You May Be Awoken

28 Jan 2003

One of the best things about Canberra is the late-night drive home from Monkey and Mattay’s house. It’s twenty minutes of quiet road, winking stars and blaring stereo. I drive too fast and sing loudly and badly. When I get back into town, I detour up random streets, just to squeeze in a few more numbers.

Whenever I get the coveted M&M invite I take great care to select some rockin’ CDs for drive home. On the weekend it was Bee Gees One Night Only (still in mourning) and some iTunes mixes: the original Rockin’ Car Songs, Rhi Rocks Out Volume II and Xmas Rockin’ Goodness.

The other night I was fumbling with the controls of our six stacker and searching for the best songs to belt out. The mood called for something robust. Layer upon layer of delicious harmonies, the stuff of sing-songs round a campfire. Don’t you just love harmonies? They are perfect for those not blessed with talent. You can start with the high bit then abruptly drop down when your shithouse chords start to die. Or you can start low in the verse then soar for the chorus. Or you can chop and change from one word to the next. Whatever you choose, you can always blend in somewhere over the din of the engine and think to yourself, “DAMN! I coulda been a Supreme!”

During And Your Bird Can Sing, I decided I would ask WNP visitors to tell me their favourite harmony-drenched tunes then use this precious information to create the ultimate mix CD and call it Let’s Go 2003 — Harmonic Highway Hitz! or something equally inane. But my plans were interrupted when an obnoxious white BMW swooped up to overtake me. I had just finished swearing and pounding the steering wheel when a kangaroo appeared out of the dark and streaked across the road in front of them.


It was rather a spectacular sight. The ‘roo shot up into the air, you could almost see the moment when its whole body shattered. The head snapped back, legs and tail jerking, then the whole thing went limp and lifeless like someone had tossed some bagpipes across the highway. There was a little puff of dust when it sailed over the railing and hit the scrub.

The BMW barely flinched, but I slowed down and felt so bad for the poor bugger.

Anyway, be sure to tell me your favourite songs of harmonised goodness.

Dead ‘roo haiku:

broken kangaroo
shall no longer hop hop hop
in the morning dew