Hair Today

08 Jan 2006

GARETH'S DAD:  Do you know what I paid for a haircut the other day? Eight pounds! Eight pounds for a haircut. What do you pay for a haircut, Gareth?

GARETH:  I haven't paid for a haircut for about ten years. I wish I could pay eight pounds for a haircut.

D:  Well if you grew your hair back you could go get it cut!

G:  Dad, I don't have any hair to grow back.

D:  Yes you have! If you just stopped shaving it all the time, you could get a proper haircut!

G:  But I haven't got any hair left!

GARETH'S MUM:  He hasn't got any hair left!

D:  Yes he has! He's got plenty of hair.

M:  He doesn't have any hair on top!

D:  Yes he does, he just shaves it all off!

M:  You're dreaming. I'm telling you, he hasn't had hair on top for years!

G:  Yeah, thanks Mum.

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