To Catch A Whiff

30 Mar 2012

I’m on a 2012 mission to try 52 perfumes in 52 weeks. I was looking for a minor project that didn’t involve sitting on my arse.

I’ve never been a perfume person but I suddenly became possessed by the idea of being a perfume person. As learned from Impulse Body Spray ads in the 80s (I think?), I would need to apply scent while naked and silhouetted in front of a sunny window, with a light breeze stirring the drapes. Then I’d get dressed, saunter down the street and blokes would drop their power tools or briefcases, sniff the air, then trail behind me in a besotted daze.


But instead I am wandering into shops and nicking a spritz of this or that, then taking uninformed notes. The plan is, come Christmastime I’ll review my findings, declare a winner and treat myself to a big bottle.

I’m up to Perfume #13 and really enjoying it. It’s a great excuse to wander around the shops without spending any money. I’m very careful to hit up as many different places as possible so I don’t look cheap and/or creepy.

So far my favourite is the very first one I tried: Chanel’s Coco (as sampled from Debenhams, Dunfermline). It smelled earthy and dramatic and foxy as hell, all at the same time, and made me feel rather earthy, dramatic and foxy as hell. Even Gareth “I only know three adjectives” Reid said I smelled, “really nice”.

The worst was Paris by YSL (Boots, Edinburgh). Notes: Smells like an old lady I once knew. Who? Ew!

(I need to learn better words to describe smells. So far I can’t get beyond “old lady”, “powdery”, “flowery”, “sweet”, “meh” and “foxy”.)

Last year my mission was to read 52 book and 52 weeks and I ended up reading a lot of crap just to hit my target. I have a feeling this project will eventually go the same way – come November I’ll be down to the dregs of Celine Dion or Brittany Spears’ latest creations.

If anyone is out there, do you have any favourites to share? Anything really honking that I should avoid? Any favourite perfume shops? Thanks for any ideas!

Image source: Google LIFE