Edinburgh Cake Ladies: Getting Fruity

03 Jul 2012

You cannae beat the combination of cake and fruit. Like chocolate and mint, another favourite of mine, it’s a marriage that gives the illusion of health. Thus I was excited that “Getting Fruity” was the theme of the Edinburgh Cake Ladies’ summer gathering at Craigie’s Farm.

These gatherings are crazy popular, so when I managed to score a spot from the waiting list I felt a rush that reminded me of the late-90s thrill of nabbing a Radiohead ticket after endless F5ing of the Ticketek website. But instead of drooling over Ed O’Brien this time it was cake glorious cake, and you can actually take some home!

It was a gloomy summer’s evening but the dull grey light served as a helpful contrast to make the fruity cakes look even more colorful and delicious. That’s how I rationalised the 57th shitty rainy day in a row, anyway.

Edinburgh Cake Ladies #gettingfruity

Craigie’s Farm was a top venue – there’s a farm shop, cafe and pick-your-own fruit. For seven years I’ve passed the signs while bussing it to Edinburgh and said, must visit someday but it took cake to lure me in at last!

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After getting some brilliant ideas from my Facebook pals I ended up going with this Summer Celebration Cake since I had everything on hand already. It’s a delicious vanilla cake with fresh berries stirred into the batter, then decorated with crème fraîche and more fresh berries (I used blackberries, raspberries and blueberries).

There were no baking horrors this time round; the only hitch was the hand mixer dying just as I went to cream the butter and sugar, prompting an emergency trip to Argos.

Summer celebration cake

While Summer Celebration Cake is a great name as it makes the cake sound fancier than it is, in this house it’s been dubbed Unintentional Willy Cake. I was browsing Instagram and saw Lea had snapped this picture of my cake.

“Doesn’t it look ace?” I said to Gareth.

“That blackberry at the front there looks like a little willy!”

“What? Where?”

“The one between the two blueberries. Did you do that on purpose?”

No, I did not. You can always count on Gareth to be classy.

Anyway, it was another fab night and I met some lovely new cake folks. Cake people are good people; it’s a fact.