Perfume Project: Hayfeverus Interruptus

11 Jul 2012

A surprising and fun thing that’s happened with the Perfume Project is that people have been keen to give me a shot of their favourites. I thought they might have been protective of them but it’s been more like when you really love an album and you want others to get their ears around it. You must get a whiff of this. It will change your life.

At the Up & Running retreat in Bologna some of the ladies brought out their favourites from their suitcases. I felt like a movie gangster selecting an illegal firearm; it was awesome. I tried Sarah’s Givenchy Hot Coture and Tessa’s Chopard Wish, both really lovely. And Honor bought along three Serge Lutens samples: her own favourite Clair de musc (so elegant), A la nuit (gorgeous but again reminded me of an unspecifed old lady) and Un bois vanille which I really liked as it made me smell like a classy bakery all day long.

It’s really interesting trying someone else’s favourite perfume; it feels like you’re sneakily learning more about them. With the Up & Running ladies we’ve connected via workout reports, toil, torture and hair shoved into ponytails. So after getting to know Clair de musc all day long, for example, you start to think about the woman who likes to wear it… wow, this Honor woman, she’s very mysterious and sophisticated! I must know more!

At Bologna Airport duty free I fell for Hermès Un Jardin Après La Mousson which many of you legends had recommended. It lived up to the name and it was very earthy and sexy. I am still rubbish at describing a smell or pinpointing what all the bits are; I’m still going with how it makes me feel. So, even though it smells nothing like Coco or Elie Saab, Après La Mousson joins those two at the top of my list so far as it made me feel good and foxy. That’s really scientific, I know.

Unfortunately there’s been no perfuming for the past six weeks. I dunno if it’s just coincidence but my hayfever has been bloody awful, my nose stuffy and head like cotton wool. Whenever I put on perfume I seem to sneeze even more. But I am dead keen to get back to it because, holy crap I have a lot of good stuff to try…

Back in April the legendary lass Debra Bee offered to send a huge bunch of perfume samples that she had left over from her own perfume project a wee while back! After some frustrating faffery at the local sorting office I finally picked up two parcels at the end of May. Just look at this loot! Look at it!

Debra: Perfume Pimp Extraordinaire

Thank you a gazillion times again Debra, I appreciate your generosity! So I haven’t been testing yet, but I did arrange them in alphabetical order the other day just for kicks. Stay tuned!