Shakespeare at 35

02 Nov 2012

Now that I’m getting on in years there’s this little hair that keeps appearing under my chin. I dutifully pluck it out and then it comes back and then I pluck it out again. I always know it’s time to grab the tweezers when Gareth suddenly says with an evil grin, “Hey! Shakespeare’s back!”.


I turned 35 yesterday and Shakespeare aside, I’m groovy with that. I feel good right down to my bones. It’s nice being a little older and not seeing everything through the murky prism of insecurities. They’re still there but they are more amusing than troublesome now.

It is weird how your priorities change over time; these days all I want is meaning, connection and shenanigans. I’ve thought for days how to describe this without sounding like a wanker and it will soon become obvious that I’m still struggling. Well, I’m over bullshit and fluff. I like getting beneath the surface. You know that lovely feeling of a quiet cuppa with a friend, or a heart-to-heart Skype with a long-distance Mothership, or cooking up a new scheme with a bunch of good people? When you have a laugh and get right to the heart of things? Which contrasts sharply to that feeling of being trapped in a jargon-filled meeting when you long to stand on your chair and bellow COME ON NOW, WE ALL AGREE THIS IS A PILE OF BOLLOCKS!

Of course, you have to earn a living so there will always be meetings and annoying, tedious things to do. But when you make time for good people and meaningful stuff, it balances out okay.

Wow, none of the above makes any sense whatsoever, does it? Oh well. I’ve got a cold and I’m a bit delirious, I must disclaim.

So, the thirty fifth year on the planet was ace: lots of travel, work and hilarity. One thing I noticed was that some people have started to enquire very directly about my biological clock. TICK TOCK! they say, and I could cheerfully deck them. Am I alone in this feeling!? And it always seems to be people that don’t know you so well. By contrast, we never get any pestering from our parents. I think the shoddy Vegas wedding set expectations nice and low. Plus, they’re all recently retired and probably want a quiet life!

Meet some follow Scorpiotrons

Aside from myself, Adam Ant and the bloke from A-Ha, here are some other people who were also born on November 1, who may be disturbed to discover that I crush on them big time:

  • Frances – is a pâtissier in Paris. We got to know each other after she aced the Up & Running half marathon course. She’s a kind, hilarious and insightful soul who makes fancy French cakes; there is nothing not to love. On her blog she writes and draws about what she cooks with unique and beautiful style.
  • Jen – I’ve followed her around the internet for about a decade as she writes with such raw heart and honesty. Early next year her memoir Stranger Here: How Weight Loss Surgery Transformed My Body And Messed With My Head finally hits the shelves and I can’t wait to read it.
  • Deborah – I do a little cheer when a new Deborah photo appears in my Instagram feed. She has the most elegant, quiet way of observing the details of life. Total class.
  • Momo – okay, her birthday is actually November 2 but she is a magnificent woman and has been training for the New York Marathon this weekend, which appears to be still going ahead despite the devastation of Hurricane Sandy. Watching Momo go from her first 5K race to longer and longer distances over the past couple of years has inspired my socks off.