You’re just a pizza box!

15 Nov 2012

It was recently the 9th Annual You Rawk Day and I’m still learning new endearing facts about Gareth. Like when he falls asleep on the couch he folds his arms neatly over his chest, like a dictator lying in state.

Reclining dictators

Also, he gets really cranky when product packaging has first-person copy on it. Innocent Smoothies are the worst for this. Drink me, I’m delicious! I’ve got three bananas, an apple and a peach inside me!

I guess it’s designed to make the consumer feel a connection to a brand (pffft) but it really gets on Gareth’s goat. One time we were driving along and saw a takeaway pizza box lying in the gutter that had PUT ME IN THE RECYCLING BIN! printed on it.

“YOU’RE NOT A PERSON!” Gareth yelled through the car window, “YOU’RE JUST A PIZZA BOX!”

Graze box

I love that he expresses his rage about inanimate objects being given human characteristics by yelling at the inanimate objects as if they were human.

Gareth is a very mellow kind of guy so whenever I see an offending item I always take a photo to show him later, just so I can watch him get all worked up. This is how you get your kicks after nine years!

I'm Only £1