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Shauna Reid

Welcome, weary traveller! I'm Shauna Reid, an Australian writer who moved to Scotland ten years ago in pursuit of adventure and kilts

Dinner Time



Chips – A92 motorway. Chips Chips – Pittencrieff  Street, Dunfermline. Chips Chips Chips – Edinburgh Marathon finish, Musselburgh. Huge thanks for your kind thoughts for MIL Mary. She’s still doing okay. Thank you!

Ina Garten, my substitute mum


A sad new obsession began on a drab Monday night while waiting for University Challenge to begin. Flicking around the channels, I saw that Food Network UK had been added to Freeview. Until last month I only knew Ina Garten as that lady that Adam the Amateur Gourmet adores; the one who did that roasted broccoli years Read More

Edinburgh Cake Ladies: Getting Fruity


You cannae beat the combination of cake and fruit. Like chocolate and mint, another favourite of mine, it’s a marriage that gives the illusion of health. Thus I was excited that “Getting Fruity” was the theme of the Edinburgh Cake Ladies’ summer gathering at Craigie’s Farm. These gatherings are crazy popular, so when I managed to score Read More

Edinburgh Cake Ladies: Towers of Traybakes


“I cocked up the cake!” “What?” Gareth staggered in from an evening bike ride to find me flapping around the kitchen with oven gloves on. “The passionfruit slice! I left it in the oven too long and it’s all burnt at the edges! And I don’t have enough ingredients to make another!” “What are you Read More

Reverb 10, Day 6 – Make


December 6 – MakeWhat was the last thing you made? What materials did you use? Is there something you want to make, but you need to clear some time for it?Author: Gretchen Rubin According to Dr G the last thing I made was… a mess. "And before that, another mess! And another mess before that!". Read More

How to make a Christmas cake


How I did it: After years of banging on about making a Christmas cake I finally made one for Xmas 2009. I'm not much of a brandy or mixed peel fan so I went for a recipe that had neither – this Walnut and whisky Christmas cake from Delicious magazine. It was fun to put Read More

School of Cake


Recently Sister Rhi and I went to a Cupcake Decorating workshop at The Make Lounge in London. The teacher came armed with two boxes of cupcakes and what must have been at least six litres of buttercream in a gigantic plastic tub. I'd not beheld a sight so beautiful since the mega Nutella of 2006. Read More

Look to the Cookie


Look to the Cookie, originally uploaded by Shauna. Our New York hols are sadly at an end. This here is a black and white cookie as seen on Seinfeld ten years ago; I had to give it a crack. It's cakey as opposed to cookie-ish, nice and spongey with deliciously gooey icing. Like someone ran Read More

Nigella Returns


Draft entry from last September when I was addicted to Nigella Express and Gareth tried to contain his disdain for poncy food programmes. Notes Nigella still foxy Has abandoned suggestive deep-throating of runner beans Still does “Spontaneous” Midnight Fridge Raid at the end of every episode. SHAUNA:  I wonder where you get that garlic oil? Read More

That’s A Good Pud


How do we carry on now that Masterchef is over? For those not in the know, it's basically American Idol with foie gras and fancy knives. It's hosted by two strangely endearing blokes who don't understand the concept of Inside Voices, so they constantly bark at the contestants, I WANNA SEE A NICE PLAYDA FOOD Read More

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