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Shauna Reid

Welcome, weary traveller! I'm Shauna Reid, an Australian author and copywriter living in Scotland.

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Dinner Time

The long goodbye

02 Sep 2015

There’s been a development in the Neighbour Cat situation. First the crap news: our lovely Neighbour moved out two weeks ago. Noooo! The (temporary) good news: Neighbour is between houses, so was searching for a place for Neighbour Cat to stay a few weeks while a new place is sorted. Long story short – thanks to a chance conversation, Gareth Read More

Midnight Brownies

13 Mar 2015

Tonight I’m going to the lovely Susan’s house for dinner. After faffing around on recipe websites for two hours in search of a gift to bake and take, I’ve circled back to the trusty Midnight Brownies. Way back in 2000 the brilliant Claire Robertson of Loobylu had a Celebrity Chef feature on her website. Because there Read More


11 Jul 2013

Chips – A92 motorway. Chips Chips – Pittencrieff  Street, Dunfermline. Chips Chips Chips – Edinburgh Marathon finish, Musselburgh. Huge thanks for your kind thoughts for MIL Mary. She’s still doing okay. Thank you!

Ina Garten, my substitute mum

17 Feb 2013

A sad new obsession began on a drab Monday night while waiting for University Challenge to begin. Flicking around the channels, I saw that Food Network UK had been added to Freeview. Until last month I only knew Ina Garten as that lady that Adam the Amateur Gourmet adores; the one who did that roasted broccoli years Read More

Haggis Poisoning

31 Jan 2013

Last Friday was Burns Night, the annual celebration of the life Scots poet Rabbie Burns in which folk gather to eat haggis, neeps and tatties, washed down with poems and whisky. Gareth and I had been invited to a proper Burns Supper but were both rotten with the cold, so it was haggis at home. Read More

Edinburgh Cake Ladies: Getting Fruity

03 Jul 2012

You cannae beat the combination of cake and fruit. Like chocolate and mint, another favourite of mine, it’s a marriage that gives the illusion of health. Thus I was excited that “Getting Fruity” was the theme of the Edinburgh Cake Ladies’ summer gathering at Craigie’s Farm. These gatherings are crazy popular, so when I managed to score Read More

School of Cake

11 Dec 2009

Recently Sister Rhi and I went to a Cupcake Decorating workshop at The Make Lounge in London. The teacher came armed with two boxes of cupcakes and what must have been at least six litres of buttercream in a gigantic plastic tub. I'd not beheld a sight so beautiful since the mega Nutella of 2006. Read More

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