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Shauna Reid

Welcome, weary traveller! I'm Shauna Reid, an Australian writer who moved to Scotland eleven years ago in pursuit of adventure and kilts

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Doctor G

10 years a sham


It’s ten years today since Gareth and I got married in Las Vegas. So much has changed. Back then we had to take selfies with our ARMS. No selfie sticks, kids. Times were tough. One of the reasons I was excited to get hitched was because I was marrying into a Nokia 6230. This state of Read More

Hairdresser, cook or cleaner?


I was struggling to get to sleep last night so I passed the time by pondering a very deep question: If given the choice of a weekly visit from a hairdresser, cook or cleaner, which would I take? Sleep grew even more elusive as I got carried away with the terms and conditions of this fantasy scenario (kind of Read More

Eleven. Eleven!


I think I have this voice recognition thing figured out now. I hadn’t noticed that you can change the language settings! I had it on American English, which made me sound like a drunken lunatic. But thanks to Tamakikat‘s sage comment I discovered that you can download other languages. First I changed it to A stray Read More

Will move for beer


There is a large built-in cupboard in our bedroom, of which the real estate agent said at the time of purchase, “That could make a nice ensuite one day.” EXCELLENT, I thought. Though in reality you might squeeze in a loo and a small sink if you were lucky. The micro-ensuite budget never seemed to eventuate, Read More

The bee sanctuary


Driving to the hospital takes about three-quarters of The Very Best of the Eagles. We didn’t bother changing the CD the first week because the Eagles made such comforting slippers for the ears. I kept thinking how cool it would be to start an all-woman Eagles a capella group called The Sheagles. It wouldn’t matter Read More



“Well,” said Mary, “I’m never going to forget where I was when Andy Murray won Wimbledon.” As over-bloody-joyed as we were to see Andy win yesterday, we were even more happy that Mary was here to make a joke about it. Comrades, it’s been a crazy six days. My parents-in-law miraculously survived a terrible head-on Read More

The crushing of childhood dreams


Gareth and I were talking about formative experiences the other day and he told me about the moment he feels is responsible for his, “constant feeling of being slightly disappointed by life” He was about twelve years old, at a Boys Brigade camp on the west coast. One day the lads had to sign up Read More

You’re just a pizza box!


It was recently the 9th Annual You Rawk Day and I’m still learning new endearing facts about Gareth. Like when he falls asleep on the couch he folds his arms neatly over his chest, like a dictator lying in state. Also, he gets really cranky when product packaging has first-person copy on it. Innocent Smoothies are Read More

Shakespeare at 35


Now that I’m getting on in years there’s this little hair that keeps appearing under my chin. I dutifully pluck it out and then it comes back and then I pluck it out again. I always know it’s time to grab the tweezers when Gareth suddenly says with an evil grin, “Hey! Shakespeare’s back!”. I Read More



1973 was a very brown year, if our house is anything to go by. I didn’t give it much thought over the summer, but now it gets dark early and we’re inside more often, so we can no longer deny there’s a lot of brown about. It hasn’t helped that we also accumulated a fair Read More

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