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Shauna Reid

Welcome, weary traveller! I'm Shauna Reid, an Australian writer who moved to Scotland ten years ago in pursuit of adventure and kilts


Great Underwhelming Statues of the World


They are iconic. They grace postcards and tea towels. They inspire poetry and plastic replicas. But in reality they’re just a little bit shithouse. When you get up close in person you can’t help thinking, “Is that it?” Here are the Great Underwhelming Statues of the World I’ve been lucky enough to see… Greyfriars Bobby, Read More

Cats and Bloggers of North Carolina


I love road trips in Britain – it’s a small island, so you’re never too far from a loo, the sea or a cup of tea. But sometimes I still pine for Australia’s endless miles of nothing, so I was chuffed to get a small fix of big highways last week. I went to North Read More

A weekend at the Tour de France


“Mum mum mum! Australia won four gold medals today!” “Noooo,” said the Mothership, “Australia won one gold medal.” It was 1984 and Australia had won the 4,000 metres team pursuit at the Los Angeles Olympics. “But there were four men on the podium! And they each had a medal!” I yelled with as much indignation Read More

One Day in L.A.


Long long ago* Dr G had to go to California for his work and I tagged along. While he was in a very dull meeting in a very dull town I nicked off to Los Angeles for a day. My colleagues were spewing when I told them my plans – we were deep in the Read More

At the Vatican


The Pope was in Edinburgh today, just a week after I was skulking around his neck of the woods. Here's Dr G looking holy. He was totally out-posed by this lassie. How must it feel to have been in the job for five years but you STILL have to compete for calendar sales with your Read More

Romeward Bound


Edinburgh to Heathrow flight. SHAUNA:   Do you think we'll have to go through security again? GARETH:   No. S:   Are you sure? G:   Yes. We're not in Australia trying to get into Geelong or something. G'day! Got any FROOT to declare? SNAKES? SPOIDERS? Heathrow to Rome flight. SHAUNA:   How about a Read More



I have friends that travel a lot for their work. Some are very bored and breezy about it – "another day, another airport". Then there are others who never lose their sense of wonder. They drink up new cities, even if it's just a glimpse from a grotty taxi en route to a boring meeting. Read More

Have you ever been to Rome?


Dr G and I are off to Rome for a week in September! Well not precisely to Rome. More like a crappy campsite in commutable distance to Rome. But it's free accommodation (long story) and I've never been to Italy before so I am the late Big Kev excited! I'm drowning in guidebooks and travel Read More

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