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Shauna Reid

Welcome, weary traveller! I'm Shauna Reid, an Australian author and copywriter living in Scotland.

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Returning to earth

22 Feb 2013

This incredibly moving and humbling video reminded me of all you folks who chose flying as your secret superpower. Astronauts reflect on the profound experience of seeing the Earth from space. “It looks like a living breathing organism,” says one dude, but it also looks extremely fragile”. I was dabbing away tears but Gareth’s face Read More

Refresh! Refresh!

15 Jan 2013

Today is a groovy day. After 12 years I posted the last entry on my Dietgirl blog – welcome to everyone who ventured over! Also, today this blog got a fancy makeover! You might need to refresh your browser a few times to get everything looking right but please let me know if you spot anything wonky. A Read More

The Plastic Menace

03 Sep 2008

Cheers to my colleague Simon for passing on this BBC News article: Washing up bowls 'a health hazard' "Many commonly used kitchen implements are a threat to health and should be thrown away, scientists have warned. Washing up bowls and re-usable dish clothes are thought to be a particularly good breeding ground for bugs." The Read More

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