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Shauna Reid

Welcome, weary traveller! I'm Shauna Reid, an Australian writer who moved to Scotland ten years ago in pursuit of adventure and kilts

Living In Scotland

The very hungry shark


It’s midnight and I’m just back from dinner. It was a lovely night out on the Black Isle. No light pollution out there so there were a gazillion stars. Plus there’s always an assortment of dogs around at the brewery. Tonight I counted three Jack Russells, two spaniels (one of whom was excellently named Daniel) Read More

Somebody call National Geographic


Today we went to Dores, a village on the south shore of Loch Ness. The premise was to go for a walk but we both knew it was really about getting a scone from the Dores Inn. Gareth went on a wee bike ride to Dores last November and stopped at the Dores Inn for Read More

Sheep on neeps


Over the past few weeks I’ve been enthralled by the sight of sheep feasting on fields of turnips. Forget fox in socks and cats in hats, Dr Seuss missed a trick with these fellas. Who eats whose neeps? Sheep eats Sue’s neeps. Who sees who eats whose new neeps, sir? You see sheep eat Sue’s Read More

Four months in the north


The novelty of living somewhere new has yet to wear off! I am loving it up here. Here are some highlights so far… Eden Court is a theatre and cinema and restaurant and whatever else they can think of. I could merrily find something to see every night. Comedy, plays, National Theatre live screenings, photography Read More

Shinty 101


On Saturday we went to a shinty match. According to Wikipedia shinty is a “Scottish twelve-a-side game resembling hockey, played with curved sticks and taller goalposts and derived from the Irish game of hurling.” This particular match was the annual hybrid shinty/hurling Scotland v Ireland smackdown. It hardly seems fair for the poor Scots; look at Read More

Inverness Castle

Dispatches from Chez Nessie


I’ve been in Inverness for four weeks now, but I found good cake on the first day! I’ve been going for morning walks along the river. In the mornings there are blokes fly fishing, standing in the middle of the river in waders. I never see them catch anything; I think they just like standing Read More

Fife is like a box of chocolates


Tomorrow arvo I’ll train it up to Inverness to finally join Gareth, so I’m feeling temporarily nostalgic about 8.5 years of Dunfermline and Kingdom of Fife life. And not just for the proximity to Edinburgh! I will miss… The Fife accent I’m sure there are sub-Fife accents (so pendants, hold your fire), but in general there’s a porridge-thick accent Read More

Might come in handy one day


Some called me lazy back in January, when I shoved the Christmas tree into a garbage bag and tossed into the loft with the decorations still on it, but now it’s packed up and ready to move! FORWARD PLANNING. This tasty feeling of turning my life upside down reminds me of leaving Oz in 2003. I Read More



Chips – A92 motorway. Chips Chips – Pittencrieff  Street, Dunfermline. Chips Chips Chips – Edinburgh Marathon finish, Musselburgh. Huge thanks for your kind thoughts for MIL Mary. She’s still doing okay. Thank you!



“Well,” said Mary, “I’m never going to forget where I was when Andy Murray won Wimbledon.” As over-bloody-joyed as we were to see Andy win yesterday, we were even more happy that Mary was here to make a joke about it. Comrades, it’s been a crazy six days. My parents-in-law miraculously survived a terrible head-on Read More

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