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Shauna Reid

Welcome, weary traveller! I'm Shauna Reid, an Australian writer who moved to Scotland ten years ago in pursuit of adventure and kilts

Scottish Cuisine

Haggis Poisoning


Last Friday was Burns Night, the annual celebration of the life Scots poet Rabbie Burns in which folk gather to eat haggis, neeps and tatties, washed down with poems and whisky. Gareth and I had been invited to a proper Burns Supper but were both rotten with the cold, so it was haggis at home. Read More

Edinburgh Cake Ladies: Getting Fruity


You cannae beat the combination of cake and fruit. Like chocolate and mint, another favourite of mine, it’s a marriage that gives the illusion of health.¬†Thus I was excited that¬†“Getting Fruity” was the theme of the Edinburgh Cake Ladies’ summer gathering at Craigie’s Farm. These gatherings are crazy popular, so when I managed to score Read More

Hot Chip


Last week in the Kingdom of Fife we rejoiced in four consecutive days of fine weather. I took my sunglasses out of storage so I wouldn't be blinded by bare midriffs on the high street. But judging from the long queues at the Tan Stand, they'll all be orange soon. Sunshine lends a wholesome air Read More

Breakfast of Champions


On Sunday I went down to Leith to see my friend Lainey run in her first half marathon. Thirteen miles is a truly grueling endeavour, but luckily there was plenty of sustenance around – all the essential carbohydrate, protein, lard and gristle an athlete needs. I don't know what it is about running events that Read More

The Ultimate


Yesterday I finally tried a deep-fried Mars Bar, that notorious Scottish snack that no actual Scots seem to eat. Friends have sung their artery-clogging praises and I've read their history on Wikipedia, yet they've always looked too turd-ish for my liking. But yesterday we met up with Jillian and Greg, our lovely friends from San Read More

Time Lapse Photography


FRIDAY LAST, 12:10 AM:  We were trudging home from the train station after seeing Demetri Martin at the Fringe. As is the usual fashion for a night out in this town, someone intoxicated clod had bought a box of hot chips then chucked them away after a few bites. These babies had been abandoned outside Read More

One Fish, Two Fish


I really need to move on from all this deep-fried stuff. I still have to do Wedding Part III from seven months ago, and there's a post from Lithuania 2004 to finish. But it's this bloody Mobile Chip Van! It keeps coming back every Saturday night and further endearing itself to me. Like instead of Read More

Guts and Gristle


Just so you know, the last entry was intended as a Harmless Bit of Fun. It was not a malicious attack on Scotland and/or the Scottish way of life, as my anonymous correspondents seem to believe. Crikey, people! Nowhere do I suggest that this is the only food available in Scottish supermarkets. Nor am I Read More

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