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Shauna Reid

Welcome, weary traveller! I'm Shauna Reid, an Australian writer who moved to Scotland eleven years ago in pursuit of adventure and kilts

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The Mothership

Phoning it in


I remember Jillian Michaels screaming Don’t phone it in! during in her 30 Day Shred DVD, probably as I slumped on the couch pouring water over my head. I haven’t done that DVD in yonks but that phrase stayed with me. Don’t phone it in. Don’t half arse it. Yet here I am at 11.30pm with my Read More

If anyone has lost a duck


Mothershipism of the Day: “I really need to read that book, Let’s Talk About Lionel.” I’ve just returned from a brief trip to Australia and I’m nutty with jetlag, so this is your Warning: Excess Emotion Ahead! Because of the time constraints this visit was about small country towns and family. I have a bad Read More

Ina Garten, my substitute mum


A sad new obsession began on a drab Monday night while waiting for University Challenge to begin. Flicking around the channels, I saw that Food Network UK had been added to Freeview. Until last month I only knew Ina Garten as that lady that Adam the Amateur Gourmet adores; the one who did that roasted broccoli years Read More

The Big Galah


Another dispatch from The Mothership as she continues her caravan trek into Australia’s centre. She’s just been to Kimba, located halfway across Australia apparently: Kimba is famous for its Big Galah, lovely sandstone buildings and as the birthplace of “Cats” midfielder, Corey Enright. Can’t ask much more of a town of around 800 people. Oh, Read More



The Mothership, recently retired from teaching, is currently on an epic caravan voyage to the Outback with her husband Ray. I’ve just received this dispatch from Berri, South Australia: “Yesterday morning whilst I was enjoying my rolled oats, I was fortunate enough to witness a lovely sight – a black and white border collie, tail Read More

Lost and Found


"He really loved kangaroo mince in the end," said The Mothership through her tears, the night she called with the news. Our beloved, deranged hound Bert had passed away at the ripe old age of fourteen or so (loving tribute here). "Kangaroo mince? That sounds fancy." "And it was proper kangaroo mince intended for human Read More

Smiley Bill


A parcel arrived from The Mothership. It took two months and $90 to come over on the boat. Among the loot – ancient issues of delicious magazine, a random handbag, moisturiser, two fleece hoodies, tiny tins of passionfruit and creamed corn. As always, Mum had mummified the parcel with a kilometre of packing tape so Read More



It baffles me how the British call the practice of painting the interior of a house, "decorating". Where I come from, we call that "painting". You decorate cakes, Christmas cookies, brave soldiers… but walls? I first heard this word on BBC's Changing Rooms circa 1999, when Rhiannon and I subscribed to cable and lost entire Read More

Tea for Three


The Mothership was Cinderella and she was not ready for the ball. Rhiannon and I had arrived at her hotel last Sunday morning, all set to whisk her away for a day of fun and togetherness before she headed back to Australia. We were having a family photo session then afternoon tea at a posh Read More

Risk Assessment


On Tuesday we got the train into Edinburgh. "So that woman with the keys, does she always have to open and close the doors?" "The conductor? Yes, that's her job." "Does she have to open and close the doors at every station?" "Yes, every station." "What about in the event of an emergency?" "!!!??" "Does Read More

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