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Shauna Reid

Welcome, weary traveller! I'm Shauna Reid, an Australian writer who moved to Scotland twelve years ago in pursuit of adventure.

The Perfume Project

All’s well that smells well

30 Dec 2013

It’s time to wrap up my 2012 Perfume Project! Technically the end of 2012 would have been the timely time to do it, but let’s crack on anyway! After sniffing 52 perfumes over 52 weeks, the winner was the first one I tried, Chanel’s Coco. Deemed “earthy, dramatic and foxy” when first scooshed in January Read More

Perfume Project: Hayfeverus Interruptus

11 Jul 2012

A surprising and fun thing that’s happened with the Perfume Project is that people have been keen to give me a shot of their favourites. I thought they might have been protective of them but it’s been more like when you really love an album and you want others to get their ears around it. Read More

Imaginary, fig-scented friends

20 Apr 2012

Have you ever found yourself talking a lot of bollocks at a department store beauty counter? I went to Harvey Nics to try some Diptyque Philosykos for the Perfume Project. The lovely Sali Hughes proclaimed her love for it in her perfume column last year (“figgy, woody and unique”), as did some of you excellent, Read More

To Catch A Whiff

30 Mar 2012

I’m on a 2012 mission to try 52 perfumes in 52 weeks. I was looking for a minor project that didn’t involve sitting on my arse. I’ve never been a perfume person but I suddenly became possessed by the idea of being a perfume person. As learned from Impulse Body Spray ads in the 80s Read More