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Shauna Reid

Welcome, weary traveller! I'm Shauna Reid, an Australian author and copywriter living in Scotland.

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This Sporting Life

Oh Rio, Rio

24 Aug 2016

I love the Olympics. I measure life in Olympiads. It’s a nice handy unit of time, more interesting than your usual years and minutes and so forth. Thus, it’s been six Olympiads since my sister was born. I blogging for an Olympiad. And it’s been an Olympiad since I bought new trainers. I must buy Read More

View from the Edrich Stand Lower Tier at Lord's Cricket Ground

A day at The Ashes

23 Jul 2015

I’ve been busting to go to an Ashes cricket match ever since I got hooked on the thrilling 2005 series. I was too slow to score tickets for 2009 or 2013, but this time around I entered the ballot for the Second Test at Lord’s. I got lucky with two seats for Day 2. Woohoo! I know most of Read More

Life: you’re doing it all wrong

23 Jul 2014

Do you ever have those grumpy, paranoid weeks where you feel like you’re the most incompetent person on the planet? That you have nothing of interest to offer and you’ll soon be living in a cardboard box? I’m sure studies have found this phenomenon is 73% more common amongst the self-employed, as there’s no one around to Read More

Sunday afternoon haulage

13 May 2014

I didn’t realise until Sunday that I have a burning ambition to drag a truck down a road with my bare hands. I was at the inaugural Highland’s Strongest Woman contest, cheering on my kickass personal trainer Shona and her fellow ladies of steel. Holy moly. First they did a medley of carrying heavy objects ranging from 40 Read More

Shinty 101

04 Nov 2013

On Saturday we went to a shinty match. According to Wikipedia shinty is a “Scottish twelve-a-side game resembling hockey, played with curved sticks and taller goalposts and derived from the Irish game of hurling.” This particular match was the annual hybrid shinty/hurling Scotland v Ireland smackdown. It hardly seems fair for the poor Scots; look at Read More

A weekend at the Tour de France

25 Jul 2012

“Mum mum mum! Australia won four gold medals today!” “Noooo,” said the Mothership, “Australia won one gold medal.” It was 1984 and Australia had won the 4,000 metres team pursuit at the Los Angeles Olympics. “But there were four men on the podium! And they each had a medal!” I yelled with as much indignation Read More

The Floating Dutchmen

21 Jun 2010

I drew Holland in the workplace World Cup sweep. The Dutch office promptly dispatched an inflatable clog and a team poster to spruce up my desk, now that I am on their side. There's some masterful Photoshopping going on here. I was admiring the Pixifoto-esque background then noticed that the Dutch team is levitating! I've Read More

Bitter Pill

26 Aug 2009

I spent Sunday afternoon curled up on the couch, bowled over by cold and fever… or perhaps just the agony of Australia getting slaughtered by England in the cricket. ME:  I hate losing to England! GARETH:  Well, now you know what it's like to be Scottish! ME:  Yeah but, we actually had a chance!

The Essence of Man

06 Nov 2007

New York – Day Four I’m a buffoon when it comes to art; I never quite know how behave to in its presence. Nevertheless we spent a rainy Saturday at the magnificient Museum of Modern Art, along with fifty bazillion other tourists seeking fancy shelter. First we warmed up in the Architecture and Design Gallery. Read More

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