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Shauna Reid

Welcome, weary traveller! I'm Shauna Reid, an Australian writer who moved to Scotland ten years ago in pursuit of adventure and kilts

Up & Running

Up & Running March winners


Before I get to the winners, would you get a load of our swanky brand new video? It explains in one minute flat, what Up & Running is all about. I can never quite capture the goodness in words, but the video really brings it together. Sniff sniff.

Thanks for all your giveaway comments. Not only were they excellent answers but I’ve got great fodder for the Netflix queue!

Here are the lucky winners as declared by the Random Number Generator:

  • Penelope – wants to go to Washington with the West Wing folks
  • Julie Earnshaw - “Bon Temps, Louisiana – because I’ve never seen a chubby vampire yet, and I’m certainly up for some shape shifting!”
  • Marion - is also a True Blood fan, and is going to have her way with Eric!
  • Lindsay - will be solving cases in the sun on CSI Miami.
  • Anna May - is off to Nashville to be an amazing country singer and “life would be fairly CountryTastic”
  • Angie - is off to Sunnydale. Buffy forever!

Congratulations, folks – I’ve emailed you with the details. Please get in touch ASAP to claim your prize.

If you missed out this time, there’s still time to tag along - courses start next week!

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Up & Moving – a new course for beginners + giveaway!


It’s been a good six months since I’ve put my fuschia pink pimp hat on, but with Spring cranking up it’s time to talk Up & Running! This week we launched Up & Moving, the course I’ve been busting to create since we started U&R three years ago. We’ve had so many requests for a step Read More

Up & Running September winners


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Look out! Aliens! Grab your Apple devices and run for your life!

Thanks for all your comments on the Up & Running giveaway. I always look forward to making up the giveaway question because your answers are so random and hilarious. Also, if the aliens come they better not cut off the wifi or we’re all screwed!

Here are the lucky winners as declared by the Random Number Generator:

  • Jess – her hamster, secret stash of Pop Tarts and her iPad
  • Kari – heart rate monitor, iPhone, and her pajama bottoms.
  • Linda J - “I know he’s not a possession but I wouldn’t leave my son to the alien invasion :) and I’d grab my handbag en route…”
  • Rhi - “peanut butter (for energy. Delicious energy), lip balm (it’s my life force) and Game of Thrones book”
  • Vicky - sunglasses, sunscreen and iPhone full of tunes, especially Eagles!
  • Áine - her MAC concealer, the bronze camels her Aunt gave her (COOL!) and her diary – “as himself used to say ‘HOW could you have that many feelings?’”
  • Hazel – her cats, her phone, and her Mum!

Congratulations to the winners – I’ve emailed you with the details. Please get in touch ASAP to claim your prize!

If you missed out this time, there’s still time to joooinnn uuuuss – courses start next week!

Back soon, once I surface from this pile of moving boxes. Bonus question for you! Should Gareth keep the box of cassettes that he keeps hauling round from home to home despite not having owned a tape deck for years?!

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Win a spot on the September Up & Running 5k or 10k course


In just over a week our last Up & Running courses for 2013 will begin, so this my last attempt to tempt you to join our lovely, kickarse international running club! Our 5K Beginners Course starts on Monday 2 September and the 10K Course starts on Thursday 5 September, each going for eight weeks. Here’s what’s in store… an eight week training plan, Read More

Up & Running Summer winners


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Anyone else busting for a holiday after all those Up & Running giveaway comments? Here are the lucky winners are declared by the Random Number Generator:

  • Georgia‘s round-the-world romp would include Spain, Germany, Holland, France, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Japan, Vietnam, Vanuatu, and New York.
  • Sarah‘s tour would start in Denmark so she and her similarly Lego obsessed child can get their fix.
  • Emmaline would do “an international (mostly European) tour de la famille”.
  • Nicole is going country downhill skiing with friends and family in British Columbia with and evenings in a cosy lodge with Jamie Oliver as her personal chef and cooking teacher.
  • Beth would head home to Australia and do all the wonderful Aussie things she’s never done – Uluru, Broome, Margaret River…

Thanks everyone who entered and congratulations to the winners – I’ve emailed you with the details. Please get in touch ASAP to claim your prize!

Missed out this time round? There’s still time to join in – the courses start next week! Come along and join the club, it’s a hoot, I promise! For both the running and Sara’s brilliant emoticons!

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Win a spot on the June Up & Running 5k or 10k course


Comrades! It’s that time again when I clumsily pimp my wares and see if I can tempt you to try out what one of our members has wonderfully dubbed, an “international running club”, better known as Up & Running. Would you like to have a summer of run? Or a winter, if you’re on the Read More


Tasty snippets from Italy


When Julia picked me up at Bologna airport she asked, “Do you want to get straight to work, or would you like a surprise?” Umm… We hit the autostrade and she whisked us away for… an afternoon in Venice. Venice! I know it’s been ten years and I should be over the novelty of countries with Read More

Walking in Bologna – 2013


I’m just back from the Up & Running retreat in Bologna. Good times, great gelato! One of the highlights was the Julia Jones Running Festival 6K race on the last day… I confess I’d been too obsessed with the chatting, the goodie bags and the pre-race banana supply for our runners to really think about the Read More

Up & Running winners


Teleportation and the ability to fly were your most wished for superpowers! Here are the U&R giveaway winners as chosen by the Random Number Generator: Penny would like the ability to sleep and an empathy gun Caitlyn would like to control the weather Jerilyn wants to clone herself Lilliam longs to clean her entire house with the snap Read More

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