03 Jan 2013

Yo. Let’s chat!

It always makes my day to hear from people and I appreciate anyone who takes the time to say hello!

If you’re arrived via Dietgirl, please note I’m not able to give diet/fitness/personal advice. I’m totally unqualified to do so and if you could see the state of my own life you’d run for the hills! But if you want to read about one incompetent woman’s honest experiences, have a nosy at the Dietgirl blog archives. There’s lots of helpful reviews, recipes and resources over there too.

Please note that this is a personal site, so I don’t accept:

  • advertising
  • guest posts
  • sponsored reviews
  • product mentions
  • link exchanges
  • or any other commercial stuff.

I reserve the right to pimp my own wares!

The above policy applies to Dietgirl too.

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