Croc Week

Attention Crocodile Hunter fans! June 18-24 is Croc Week on the Discovery Channel:

"Croc Week is Animal Planet's special week of knee scraping, jaw dropping, edge of your seat adventure programming featuring one of the most passionate, charismatic, and imitated personalities in popular culture today, Steve Irwin – The Crocodile Hunter."

Just how did this guy get so bloody popular anyway? I am amazed when I talk to people overseas and all they want to know is all about our snakes and spiders and crocs and, "Is it true that the Croc Hunter got his leg bitten off?"

His website has fun for young and old. Relieve favourite episodes in The Yak Shack. Get merchandise from the Croc Shop. Learn the Australian lingo with the Aussie Glossie. Hey, that one doesn't even rhyme properly!

As much time and energy we invest into making Australia look like a cultured and progressive nation, it's only walking cliches like Mr Irwin that manage to get the rest of the world to notice us. I think he should step over a bed of scorpions, crocs and rare green trees snakes and light the Olympic Flame at the Opening Ceremony.

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