Ardently love and admire

We spent the best part of four hours watching the BBC's production of Pride and Prejudice. I hadn't watched it for a couple of years so I'd managed to forget what a lustmonkey that Mr Darcy is.

When it first screened here in Oz in 1996 I was glued to the TV set every Sunday night, so very taken by this Colin Firth guy who played the foxy Mr D. Phwwwwwooooaaaar! That dark curly hair that just begs your fingers to run through it, those deep brown brooding eyes, that body! Oooh la la. More than enough to get the bossom's heaving on those 19th Century gals. But his appeal is timeless. Today we cooed and oggled and wolf-whistled every time he was on the screen. We hit the Rewind button in that bit where he's taking a bath. But just look at him… how could any red-blooded woman not be totally cuckoo? Those side burns are so foxy!

period costume never looked so foxy hubba hubba. here he is just out of the tub!

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