Remember Smarties? Before M&M's came to our shores, Smarties were the only candy-shelled chocolate product available in Australia. It looks like times are tough at Smarties HQ, they're trying everything to woo back chocolate lovers. First they introduced the blue smartie, then they got rid of the brown smartie, and now their latest ploy… Alphabet Smarties! But of course I had to get some. Educational and tasty!


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3 thoughts on “S-M-R-T

  1. My plan was to rearrange the M&Ms in photoshop and to leave you some incredibly clever message. I even used powerful computers to find all possible Anagrams for this collection of candy.
    But see for yourself, A CENT RICK MEG MIG INK I’M does not look clever at all…. hmm…

  2. I like “A cricket gem mining ink”, though. I’m sure I could come up with a meaning for that if required!

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