Turn left at the fork in the road

Tonight my sister and I ate bad chinese food and watched The Muppets Take Manhattan. It continues to baffle me how Miss Piggy can sing that high. If anything, I would have thought a pig would be a low, gravelly kind of alto if it were suddenly able to sing. Manhattan is not a patch on the granddaddy of all muppet movies, The Muppet Movie. The one I can recite. But by the same token, it nice to weep tears of nostalgia over my already soggy spring roll when I saw my favourites – Animal, Ralf the Dog, Fozzie, Rizzo the Rat… ahh.. they just don't make puppets like they used to.

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2 thoughts on “Turn left at the fork in the road

  1. Hey what about muppets in space? I saw that one the other day, total cack. (that means it’s funny for non-aussies)

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