Dodgy brothers

I'm taking Golden Boy™ out to get his air conditioning fixed next week. The shoddy guy who sold me the car a few months back tried to pull the wool over my eyes, but my dad insisted that he fix it for free since it only went bung a week after I bought the car, in winter no less.

The shoddy guys name just happened to be Terry. Could there be a more dodgy name? All he needed was a pair of check pants and a straw hat and he'd look like the consumate car salesman.

It's funny how we tend to associate certain names with certain occupations or personalities. Just the sound of their name conjuers up an image of a certain kind of person. For me, most of these were forged by incidents in high school or by crap relationships. Hehe. So if your name appears on the list below, don't go taking offence now. It's just how the name thing happened for me.

JASON, JUSTIN, DANE – class delinquents

NEVILLE, BARRY, CYRIL – stuffy old farts on a local council

NATALIE, NIKKI, TANYA, TINA – bitches in high school with too much eyeliner

BILL, MERV, SYD — farmers

DAVE – plumbers

DAVE – guys at the bar that won't leave you alone

DAVE – public servants

DAVE – anyone really. Dave's are very versatile.

KERRY, SUSAN, BRYAN – primary school teachers

KAREN, ANGELA, RACHELLE, NARELLE, MICHELLE – small town hairdressers

PHILLIPE, ANTON, DELILAH – big city hairdressers… ooops, stylists

SHAUNA – girl on fruitless search for weblog content

Has anyone got some name associations they want to share?

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