Farting can be cute, but not when you email a dozen co-workers about it by mistake! AAAARGH! I went to send an email to some colleagues, asking for some feedback for a pilot site here at work. Using the stinky Lotus Notes I highlighted the text and went to Create URL Link. Instead of using the highlighted text to make the link, it used the link to Andre's FART STORY that I had highlighted an hour ago for my previous blog entry!

I did not realise this for a good 15 minutes til I got an email: "Shauna, there is something SERIOUSLY WRONG with that Rural Health URL!"

Oh dear. I called the emailler up and did some frantic apologising but luckily she had a sense of humour. My face is red. Even worse there is a link next to the sordid stinky tale that says "Why porn is (sorta) good for kids"!

So… there goes my reputation of dedicated, serious, hard-working Shauny! All down the tubes with a click of the mouse! Aaargh!

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