Over the radio

Go forth to the talking blog bigfatradio this eve to hear yours truly slobbering nervously down my phone line on the divine Miss Helen's show. Tune in about 8.40pm AEST.

Or 3.40AM if you're in Phoenix, San Francisco or Seattle.

Or 4.40AM in Guatemala.

6.40AM in Montreal, New York, Toronto or Havana.

11.40PM in London, Dublin or Edinburgh.

12.40PM in Paris or Barcelona.

5.40PM in Bangkok.

6.40PM in Perth.

8.10PM in Adelaide.

9.40PM in Vladivostok.

I would just like to add that I think Guatemala is the freaking best name for a place since Budgewoi. It just rolls off the tongue. Guatemala. Guaaaaaaaaaatemaaaaaaaala. Yeah baby.

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