Shake your booty

shakin' all over!

I died and went to musical heaven last night, kiddies. But being the annoying little bugger that I am, I have drifted back down on a #9 cloud to tell you all about it.


I think the Gomez show may almost have surpassed Radiohead as my favourite gig of all time. It was just so damn special. But I know there is nothing so quite annoying as someone prattling on about a show that you did not attend so I’ll restrain my over-excitable self.

I can’t believe I made it to Sydney and back without either myself or my car falling apart. Woohoo. It was nice to hang out in the big city for awhile, although I always feel so grotty afterwards. It’s like this thin layer of grime settles over me, and no amount of scrubbing in Sydney water can rid me of the feeling. I’ve decided the city is just a place I want to visit, as opposed to live in.

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