The Real Slim Dusty

I got an email from the lovely folks at Chaosmusic today, kindly informing me that I could get a whopping 10% discount on Slim Dusty’s brand new 100th album, Looking Forward, Looking Back. I’ve done some counting and I have ordered a shameful 25 CD’s from you guys in the past 6 months, you recognise me as a regular shopper of sorts, but Slim Dusty? Did ya really think I’d be interested?

Can you imagine clocking up a century of albums? How the hell did ol’ Slim manage such a prolific output? I really think he just releases The Pub With No Beer over and over again, just shuffles round the words a bit. Or maybe he released a whole heap of remixes, or dodgy covers of Beatles’ songs, or a few polka albums that he’s trying to keep quiet about.

Here’s Slim’s extensive discography. Beware of excessive capital letters. Now excuse me while I get down and boogie to my Road To Gundagai Mofo Sheep Shearer Death Metal Dub ’99 Remix. Or something.

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