Birthday Resolutions

List of things to do before I clock up another 365 days:

Remember to walk the dog.

Learn to walk into a room without assuming I am inferior to everyone in it.

Control my orange juice addiction.

Stop hiding from people. Behind trees, on the ICQ list, under the desk, inside my head. I've wasted too much time holding back and being afraid of people.

Tone down my impulsive online shopping.

Stop playing Space Invaders in meetings

I will not go online late at night because it only makes me feel lonely and pathetic.

Write down my dreams.


Stop taking everything so personally. Am I really that important that everything is about me? No. So there you go.

Grow my hair long. And not so I can hide behind it, but so I can toss it around all red and sassy like a Pantene commercial.

Stop writing stupid lists.

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