V is for Victa

Patriotic sentiment is running high in my neighbourhood today. I counted no less than 9 blokes in floppy hats with Victa mowers on my morning walk. My street is so frightfully suburban it rivals Ramsay. If it's not the smell of mower fuel and freshly chopped buffalo, then it's snags on a barbecue. Of course, my house is the black sheep of the street, with rebelliously unkempt lawn and a psychotic dog.

Cringe-worthy links abound from this Metafilter thread about the shoddy US coverage of the Olympics. This champion article sums it all up. My favourite quote: "The most popular magazine is Australian Women's Weekly, owned by Australian Consolidated Press. It's read by men and women alike, has news, sports and gossip, but is not easily categorized."

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