Woo ooo ooo

Hello lovelies! I am just back from the Dandy Warhols concert. It was quite indeedy good. Some might even go so far to say they were quite dandy. Bwahaha! Don't mind me, I just have Post Concert Stupidity. And I may have to add the pretentiously titled lead singer, Courtney Taylor-Taylor, to my prestigious Lust List. Oooh la. Nothing quite like a nice and sweaty singing man.

I barged my way to the very front row in the manner of some barge-like object. I perched against the security rail and had a lovely view of proceedings. Of course, I was there to capture the moment on film. I took some brilliant shots! Oh how brilliant they were. But what do you BLOODY KNOW? I get home to find the freaking batteries had died. WAH! Now you people won't be bombarded with my amateurish attempts!

So I am quite deaf right now and my ears are all ring-a-ding, because I stupidly stationed myself in front of the big arse speakers in order to shoot aforementioned photos. And I am losing my voice for singing along to the song known to the general public as the Never Were You So Passe Song. I sound all husky and 0055, so for a good time call now, more purr per minute guaranteed from the ol' pussycat. Mwahahhaa! Oh man. I'm spent.

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