"I am going to scream if that precocious little shit from the Olympics sings the national anthem!" I said at about 3.15pm.

And what do you know? The little shit Nikki Webster was there! Warbling her annoying little heart out. Everyone laughed and said I would go straight to hell for my nasty comments.

Sure enough, a minute later, the horse I'd drawn in one of the sweeps was scratched! The little bastard Pravda refused to get into the barrier. "Karma coming back at ya!" everyone jeered.

But then a few minutes later, the horse I'd drawn in the more lucrative sweep WON! Hooray for Brew! Woohoo! I win I win! Drinks are on me!

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One thought on “Brew

  1. hey man, Nikki Webster isn’t a “little shit”! She’s one one of the nicest people in this country. If I see one more badass comment made about Nikki, I will personally make your life a living hell, you f*ked up facist piece of sh*t

    Nikki Webster Forever!!!!!

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