Soul Shite

Somebody call the UN! We have a case of Crimes Against Humanity. Someone has allowed Jimmy Barnes back into the studio to record the imaginatively titled Soul Deeper.

In the early nineties he churned out the musical abomination Soul Deep, in which he slaughtered a number of classic hits like River Deep, Mountain High and Many Rivers To Cross and now he's done it again. Among the tunes to be desecrated this time around are Chain of Fools and I Put A Spell On You. Good lord!

For those not in the know about Mr Barnes, imagine the sound of a dozen wailing stray cats thrown into a cement mixer on full power. That's about the delightful quality of his "voice". Urgh. Somebody snuff him out before it's too late.

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2 thoughts on “Soul Shite

  1. I SO agree! Jimmy Barnes and meatpies are the Original Sins of Australia!! (I’m sure he’s a nice guy…)

  2. shit mate I must have missed your #1 record last time I was at the record shop……
    Then I look further down and see that you are from Canberra, and that explains it all.

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