Uncharitable Bastards

What a ridiculous pathetic token effort is the Canned Food Hamper. Every year they ask people to bring in something to work to chuck in the big box to donate to the poor people at Christmas Time. All it means is a chance for all the tight arse bastards to clean out the Tins of Yesteryear from their pantries.

And don’t think I can’t tell! The can of Golden Circle Pineapple Chunks has the label design circa 1985. And there’s three tins of SPAM. And 6 tins of that putrid Nestle Coffee n Milk stuff. Loads of Two-Fruits. And a few with labels missing. A jar of morello cherries the colour of dried blood. An out-of-date box of Cadbury Roses, missing the whole CANNED FOOD premise altogether. It’s bloody insulting!

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