Do you ever get that feeling that today will be The Day? The day when they wake up and realise you're a fraud… the day they find out you have no idea what you're doing… the day when they discover you're only frowning at the screen in order to look dedicated… the day they discover you take naps in the bathroom… the day they realise how many times you've stuffed up completely and covered your tracks… the day they realise you really don't give a shit… the day you get a request in your Inbox and you won't know what to do… the day they see the panic in your eyes. Doesn't look like it will be today, but my stomach is churning all the same.

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One thought on “Fraudulent

  1. NEVER!
    Never a day goes by that I don’t expect SOMEONE to figure out what a massive fraud I am!
    When you fall asleep on the loo, do you wake up from your own snoring, too?

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