Rat Tail Revival

We ventured over the border this morning to Queanbeyan to go fabric shopping at Spotlight. Urgh. It's a mere 10 kilometres away from the ACT, but feels like a world away. Not that Canberra is exactly a thriving metropolis, but Queanbeyan has that sprawling main street with little floral beds at the intersections and fish and chip shops and passing semi-trailers making the shop windows rattle, that made us feel like we'd be transported back to our homeland.

But the deja vu got worse once we arrived at Spotlight. The front of the store was littered with bored husbands in Stubbies shorts and polo shirts, scratching their crotches and checking their watches. Inside was the largest congregation of frumpy ladies and screeching children I'd seen since my mother last dragged me to the school fete. There was a pack of them gathered around the Sale table, sqwarking over pillowslips and linen tablecloths like magpies over a sandwich crust.

And the fabric! Oh god, the fabric. Lurid prints, fake furs, sequins galore, piles of polyester, a dozen shades of aqua, turquoise and hot pink. It was like being trapped in K-Mart, circa 1982. Even the customers looked like relics from that era. My sister looked at me gravely and told me she was going to choke on all this tackiness. I was just about to tell her it wasn't that bad when I heard a mother screech, "Daaaaaaniel! Siddown and shuddup or you'll git the back of my hand!"

Daniel sat down. Daniel was about 6 years old. Daniel had a shaved head. And a rats tail! Shauna had to take a photo!

Give him 15 years, a Holden Gemini and a flannel shirt and I'M THERE, baby!

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