Snake in the grass

It's the Year Of The Snake, people! I am a snake myself. 1977 was a good year. I am also a Scorpio, according to that other astro thingy, which means that if I don't bite you with my fangs, I'll sting you with my scorpion tail. Mwahhaa. Evil. Anyway. I like the outlook for us slithery ones this year: This is the year for the Snake to shine. They will be at their peak of sensuality and recognition.

You'd better believe it. I am feeling groovy this year (thus far). I just seemed to be a lot more focused, and really working on the terrible being my own worst enemy thing. I am learning to put the crap o' the past behind me. I'm becoming more assertive instead of Miss Doormat of the Year. So watch out kiddies, this snake is shedding her skin. Hurrah!

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