The Royal We

Why do some blogging types find it necessary to refer to their blogs in the royal "we"? As if there is a dedicated staff of thousands working around the clock to produce their masterful publication? "We here at X-blog can't get enough of that new album/love smearing ourselves with chocolate/suggest you vote for someone else in the bloggies/are going naked waterskiiing this weekend/etc etc etc". We we we all the way home!

I for one will always been a staunch advocate of "me me me". No we here! It's bad enough admitting this is all I can come up with, let alone if a whole team was involved!

Who is this WE, I ask you? Do you have a crack team of monkeys with typewriters churning out copy? Or is it just you there in your undies in front of the computer, eating Doritos and scratching yourself?

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