C’mon Get Happy

So The Mothership has landed. I managed to worm out of going to the Antique Fair, so I have the place to myself for awhiles.

My sister is hunting for an antique ring or something for her 21st birthday. She is such a refined person. She likes jewellery and expensive perfume and fancy clothes. I do too, but I don't bother with them. Mainly because I am completely devoid of grace and elegance. I lose things, I spill stuff on my clothes, I knock into things and break them. I can spend 2 hours getting glammed up to go somewhere but I look messy 10 minutes later.

So I spend all my money on books and CDs and silly stuff. When it was my 21st, I wanted a stereo, despite people asking did I want some nice, classic, long lasting heirloom, like a watch or bracelet? Nooo! Stereo!

ooh yeah baby

My dad shopped for it. Felt so warm and mushy, my dad shopping for me. He travelled all over the Central West to find the best one, and of course it had to have the best bass. And he didn't disappoint. The first time we hooked it up I stuck in Massive Attack's Mezzanine and the opening bit of Angel made the floor of my little flat vibrate. My flatmates and I stood around it going "faaaaaaaaaaaark!".

It was an amazing experience. We had to re-listen to every CD we had, because on this machine it was like hearing it all for the first time. The sub-woofers would woof so powerfully that if standing in front of them, my hair would blow around. For the first week I would fall asleep by the stereo at night, the remote still in my hand, with a blissful smile.

We named the stereo Happy, coz goddamn we WERE happy. You can't get that kinda kicks out some mouldy old jewels, I tells ya. Actually now that I think about it, I did get some fancy jewellery for my 21st — a pair of earrings with lil diamonds in them. They made my ears all sore and red so I put them away, and have since lost one of them. I cannot be trusted with the finer things in life!

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