Lounge Saga II

Remember the lounges that noone would buy at our garage sale? Well today we left them out for St Vincent de Paul to collect and felt quite charitable for doing so. But when I got home just now, they were still here! We got REJECTED by Vinnies!

They claim it is stained! And torn! Gasp! Those words are knives through my good catholic heart. So there is one teeny tear on a cushion and barely there chocolate icecream stain the size of your thumbnail.

My sister and I can't help feeling rejected. It was bad enough when noone would buy it at the garage sale. But they're very comfy lounges! Many a sleepy friend have crashed on them and waxed lyrical about their cosiness.

They say that "in this state these items are not suitable to give to the needy". Since when does Vinnies have such lofty standards? And I ask you, just how bloody needy are the needy? Choosy bastards! And don't you love their smug tone, they hope "that you may be in a position to help it with acceptable donations in the future"



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  1. What happens when you comment on a random archive-type post? Will I even remember which post I commented on so I can check back? unlikely. This is a post for the ages.

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