A Night At The Rugby

I went to the rugby last night, which is a very un-Shauny thing to do. But some South African team gave my sister some tickets, and I had no plans. So why not, eh?

I don’t know much about the game. They ran a lot in this direction.

And also in the other direction.

They kicked some goals.

The ref blew his whistle a lot.

The players got annoyed about that.

Half time and the old fellas behind us shared biscuits that they brought in a Tupperware container. How cute!

This bloke brought Glad-Wrapped ham and pickle sandwiches.

We scored a shitload of points in the second half. The crowd went wild but you can’t bloody see coz of this bald geezer’s head.

They had lots of scrums. Always lovely to see men grunting and pushing each other around.

They did that thing where the dude chucks the ball from the sideline and they lift someone up to catch it.

I surprised myself by having a great time.

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