Baking Goddess

Rhi's birthday cake was a stinking disaster. The initial baking was fine, but my decoration was woeful.

First I screwed up the icing. All I had to do was add a tablespoon and half of water to the mixture, but I couldn't find the measuring spoons, so I thought I'd just gently turn on the tap and add a few drops. But noooo, the tap went on with a big whoooooooooooosh and next thing bowl is overflowing with chocolate watery slop. So I tried to salvage it by dumping in more icing sugar, but the icing sugar was lumpy and old so I ended up with slightly thicker chocolate watery slop with white chunks. I didn't have to spread the icing on the cake, I just poured and watched it spew out over the sides like a terrible skin disease.

Then I tried to artistically arrange the candles in a "21" formation, but it just didn't work. And lighting the 21 pissy little candles proved to be more difficult than it looked. So the crappy icing was now dotted with multicoloured blobs of wax.

Now let us compare and contrast the perfect chocolate mud cake my sister decorated for my 21st, complete with her hand-made chocolate leaves and strawberries and piped cream, with the technicolour echidna I created for her.

a work of art
chocolatey and delicious

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