Farewell, Mistress

I'm just about to go to my last Webmasters Forum. I will miss the sexy job title if nothing else. I just had one of my minions come over all teary to say goodbye and that she doesn't know how they'll survive (*snort*) and that noone cares about their webpages like I do! Well lady, I didn't care either, I am just a supremely talented actress.

Things I Must Do Before Leaving:

  1. stock up on stationary
  2. return "borrowed" software
  3. clean crumbs from keyboard
  4. search though desk one more time for missing Gomez Bring It On CD
  5. delete non-work related favourites
  6. clear cache
  7. remove blog graphics, letters and half-finished stories from hard drive
  8. have one last snooze in the ladies room
  9. mark up the 47 word docs I was given yesterday… YEAH RIGHT!
  10. do a happy dance! woo!

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