Johnny’s Mailbag

The Prime Minister of Australia has a guestbook on his site and it makes for hilarious reading:

  • "It's a beauty" – Col Radford
  • "It lacks flair and little visual stimulation" – Beverly Foye
  • "I have just sent an urgent email to Mr Howard & think it is wonderful to be able to communicate with our Prime Minister." – Steven Cotterill
  • "I could enjoy this web site very much and also learn a lot about Australia. I'd like you to show me the map of Canberra where the Parliament House is located." – Kyoko Noda
  • "An excellent website, worthy of THE defining leader of the last quarter century" – Alexander Drake
  • "A very user freindly web site, I only hope Mr Howard takes my suggestions in to consideration." – Kyle Schonewille

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