Survivor II

I caught a bit of Survivor 2 : The Osstralian Outback tonight and I must say I have never seen such bastardisation of the didgeridoo in all my life.

And do they think they're fooling anyone with that Tribal Council bit? It's the same bloody set from the first series, only with some ultra-dodgy "ancient handprint paintings" on the rocks. And that stupid bucket into which they cast their votes with the shithouse "authentic Aboriginal art" slopped on it. And the "Barramundi Tribe"? I'd love to smack them all with a whopping big barramundi. THE FISH HAS SPOKEN!

It amazes me why noone in Australia has complained about this, but then again, it's just so bad that it's quite hilarious. And also, I'm sure the Aussies are having wet ka-ching ka-ching dreams about all the tourism the series will generate, so they'll keep quiet.

Either way, I just wanted you all to know I think it sucks the big one. And that I will refrain from starting sentences with "and" in the future.

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