Amazing Memory Power!

the fan, manThursday night I was curled up in bed when I remembered something that needed to be done the next day. I could have just got up and found a Post-It and scrawled it down but that would mean wriggling out of my blanket cocoon to find the pen and pad and you know once you've found the Right Spot to lay in, one false move and you disturb the precious comfy position that took you so long to find.

So instead I decided to employ my old technique of fixing on a vaguely related object that would trigger my memory about what I was supposed to remember. For example, I'll look at a photo of my family and say to myself, "When I glance at that photo tomorrow, I will remember I have to call The Mothership".

Other times, I'll focus on Harry and think to myself, "Okay, when I look at Harry in the morning, I will remember that I have to buy dog food".

Sometimes when I'm really sleepy, the connection will be pretty dodgy, "When I look at that glass of water tomorrow I will remember to go to the gym because water is a refreshing beverage that I like to gulp down after my galumphing on the treadmill".

Anyway, I was really wiped out on Thursday and incapable of any real thought, so I squinted around in the darkness to find something to zoom in on. I decided on my fan (pictured above): When I look at the FAN in the morning I will remember to call the MAN who has the VAN who can come over and take away those goddamn lounges from our front yard as soon as he CAN.

Because of the logic and sheer beauty of that rhyme I would be sure to remember. And furthermore I will put the fan away because it's not summer anymore, Toto.

Friday morning I wake up and trip over the fan, stubbed three toes and neglected to remember the phone call or to put the fan away. I did remember today but I'm just too lazy to do anything about it, man.

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