Beverage Outcast

Things of note:

  1. I don't like coffee
  2. I don't like tea
  3. I don't like beer
  4. I don't like any cola-related products

This renders me a Beverage Outcast™. It's very isolating sometimes. Just stock up on orange juice if I'm ever in your neighbourhood. Hmmm, yes. Fascinating information.

Once upon a time there was a more balanced links to personal drivel ratio in this so-called weblog. But now the navel gazing has stooped so low my tongue is firmly lodged in belly button. Mmm, linty.

I supposed I could rename this thing What's Grossly Self-Indulgent, Pussycat? but I wouldn't get as much Google traffic. To the kind people who emailled my pathetic arse today, I love you. Everyone else sucks for not pandering to my pitiful episodes of self-doubt 😉

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