Early Mark

HAPPINESS: when the boss says "great job, kids!" and lets you go home over an hour early.

SADNESS: getting to the car and realising you've locked the keys inside and it takes over an hour for the NRMA to arrive.

In my bag were 2 apples, 6 CDs, tissues both alive and dead, stolen post-it notes, cards, 2 books and 4 different flavours of lip balm, but no spare car key. Bah.

Luckily I had my camera so I could be amused by that. It took the NRMA guy 15 minutes to break in to my car, which is kind of reassuring, it took less than 10 seconds to break into The Bird™.

Car parks aren't the most interesting place for photos. Top row: part of the MITSUBISHI badge, some rocks, a tyre. Bottom row: Fenner Hall, inside the bag, my shoe. WOOHOO.

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