Ginger Rivers

I’m going to be late for work today because I’m waiting here for the electrician to arrive to fix the exhaust fan in our bathroom. Sounds like a porn movie plot if I ever heard one.

Speaking of porn, I have a good porn name. You know that old thing where you take the name of the first pet you had and the first street you lived on? Ginger the Cat and Rivers Road gives me the ultra foxy porn name of Ginger Rivers. What’s yours?

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10 thoughts on “Ginger Rivers

  1. How bout ” Rod Steel” ? Maybe excessively 70’s. OK, I’ll be working on something a little more post-modern. (“Stod Reel” ?)

  2. Either “Chloe Breckinridge” or “Fluffy Breckenridge”.

    (We had Chloe the cat and Fluffy the dog iin my first home, on Breckenridge Ct.)

  3. Mine is Pepper Sargent, but we always did it first pet + mother’s maiden name.
    Do you know the ‘Romantic Novelist’ name game? Its your middle name plus the first street you lived on. Which makes me Beth Avenue (I lived on Avenue Crescent).

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