C’est Mort

Great start to the day! Had to be at work to upload a Very Important Document at 9am but when I jump into the car at 8.50am it wouldn't bloody start! Now here I am waiting for the NRMA. Again. Blah.

Update: The battery was dead. Got a jump start then got a new battery. Also was told by both NRMA Dude and Battery Dude that my car had the WRONG battery in it ("too small for you car") and whoever put it in there was a thumping moron. However car seemed to have managed to function correctly since 1999 when said battery was installed. Perhaps was conspiracy between NRMA and Battery dude so I'd have to spend $102 on new battery.

Update 2: No I did not leave the lights on all night and flatten the battery. I'll have no further emails suggesting so!

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