Musical Thighs

There was a lady walking in front of me today who produced a perfect disco beat. As she pounded the footpath most rhythmically with her Nikes, her thighs smashed together, making her polyester pants swoosh deliciously, back and forth like hi-hats, chh chh chh chh. Initially it was a slow, sauntering Stayin' Alive pace but then she built up a good, swift tempo and I found myself humming You Should Be Dancin' and shaking my booty until I tripped over a magpie.

Those little bastards are everywhere in the city. They strut around making that trademark arrrrrrrrrrrrrk that sounds like a cow being strangled. They fluff up their feathers in the cold so they look like black and white pompoms with legs and insist on scrounging around for food right beneath my feet.They're Canberra's answer to pigeons. Although we have those too.

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